Project Profile

Water Intrusion Investigation and Remediation


FORSMITH was contracted to investigate the source of water intrusion in several suites within a large residential complex in Pickering, Ontario.  Once the source was located, FORSMITH was then responsible for developing an efficient and cost-effective solution for the water intrusion issue.



Locating the source of the leaks was the initial challenge associated with this project. There had been previous attempts by others to find the source of the leaks and repairs implemented which subsequently failed. FORSMITH was retained to determine the causation and resolve the water intrusion that had been ongoing for over 5 years. Because the water intrusion was evident in a variety of different locations within the building, the source of the leaks could have come from a multitude of deficiencies. Issues relating to Building Envelope Systems are at the forefront of what the team at FORSMITH evaluates, and this project was no different.


FORSMITH undertook an extensive investigation to re-create the leaks using a systematic and strategically controlled water spray over several areas to find the primary source of the water intrusion. After locating the primary source of the water intrusion, we had determine the cause. The water intrusion was found to have been caused by poorly detailed and constructed transitions between the various exterior veneer materials. This was allowing the water to travel behind the exterior veneer until it finally appeared on the interior, which in some cases was far from the origin of the water. We were able to use our proprietary technology which allowed us to drop a remotely controlled camera at various locations on the exterior and observe where similar details were occurring. We were then able to determine the magnitude of the repairs.

We designed a permanent remedial solution to solve the issues once and for all which has been successfully implemented at all leak locations. The client was so impressed with our solution that they have subsequently extended the repair to all potential areas despite there being no sign of water intrusion. These pre-emptive measures have allowed peace of mind for the client and will inevitably save them financially in the long term.