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Our network extends through the construction industry. We can get you the solutions to your problems quickly and accurately, saving you time and money.

FORSMITH has been engaged in the evaluation, design, and testing of roofing and complete building envelope systems. Our experience encompasses the institutional, commercial, industrial and government building sectors. FORSMITH offers a full range of specialized services that provide innovative and affordable solutions to your roofing and building envelope performance problems.


FORSMITH has been engaged in the evaluation, design, and testing of roofing and building envelope systems. Our work encompasses the institutional, commercial, industrial, and government building sectors. We offer a full range of specialized services that provide innovative and affordable solutions to your roofing and building envelope performance problems.

Our services include:


  • Project Management and Contract Administration

  • Roof, Cladding, and Glazing Condition Surveys

  • Roof and Wall Leak Investigations

  • Electronic Leak Detection

  • Thermographic Energy Loss Investigations

  • Preventative Maintence Programs

  • Building Audits

  • Building Code Consulting

  • Quality Assurance Inspection & Testing

  • Structural Wind Load Evaluations and Wind Uplift Field Testing

  • Life Cycle Costing & Life Expectancy Analysis

  • Shop Drawing Detailing & Specification Preparation

  • Industry Standard Field Performance Testing (ASTM, AAMA, & CSA)

  • Feasibility Studies & Condition Reports



FORSMITH has the professional expertise to tackle any engineering or code compliance issue associated with investigating and assessing building performance. This is of particular use in the conception of implementation of remedial work for deteriorated building envelope and structural systems.

Where long term water penetration of the building envelope has been an ongoing issue, it is common to find fungi related issues. Fungi can be classifed as yeast, mushrooms, or filamentous fungi (mould). Most moulds consist of filamentous cells called hyphae, and collectively form mycelium. Moulds reproduce by the means of spores and a well-established mould growth is reffered to as a colonization.

Radon is quickly becoming a concern of Health Canada. It is a known carcinogen for lung cancer and is a naturally occurring noble gas that is radioactive, colorless, odorless, and tasteless and is produced by the decomposition of Uranium. Radon gas seeps upwards through the ground and enters buildings and homes through cracks or holes in the foundation. FORSMITH has the capabilities to test your home for Radon, to ensure levels meet Health Canada's limit (200Bq/m3) for occupant safety.

Our services include:

  • Structural Evaluations, Investigations, and Condition Surveys

  • Building Code Compliance Assessments

  • Design and Assessment of Life Safety and Fire Safety Systems

  • Roof Anchor and Lifting Device Inspections

  • Structural Design for Remedial Construciton

  • Load Testing and Monitoring

  • Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Plans and Specifications for New Construction and Retrofit

  • Indoor Environmental Air Assessment and Mould Spore Testing

  • Mould Remediation and Consulting per Industry Standard (ANSI S520)

  • Radon Testing, Assessment, and Remedial Design



The experts at FORSMITH operate under the guidance and direction of Professional Engineers to serve the jurisprudential system. When a building product or system fails, the result can be severe financial loss or personal injuries. Our experts are called upon to investigate and determine the causation or sequence of events that ultimately lead to failure. Our experts have unique and diverse backgrounds, enabling them to approach complicated problems from various perspectives to ensure thorough and accurate causation to material, product, or building system failures. This requires an extensive understanding of construction practices, building systems, and application of building codes to investigate, report, and provide expert testimony in the resolution of these failures.

Our services include:

  • Building Code Compliance Assessments

  • Building Commissioning Reviews

  • Building Life Safety Assessments

  • Quality Assurance Field Review

  • Design of Life Safety and Fire Safety Remedial Measures

  • Roof Anchor and Lifting Device Inspections

  • Plans and Specifications

  • Forensic Engineering


FORSMITH has expanded our capabilities to include Low Altitutde Roof Inspection, Survey, and Quality Evaluation: LoRISQE. Using the best available technology, we capture high resolution digital and radiometric thermal infrared images and video.

Infrared Thermography (IR Scan) is the science of using electronical optical devices to detect and measure thermal radiation and correlating it to temperature variations. When insulation gets wet, it loses R-Value. Because wet insulation absorbs and stores heat more readily during the daytime than dry insulation, IR scans are most effective when completed at night as the IR optical device can detect the subsurface temperature differences.

Our services include:

  • Hand-held Infrared Thermography
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Investigations

  • Thermal Bridging, Moisture Damage, & Air Leakage Detection

  • Subsurface Anomalies & Premature Degradation Identification of Asphalt 

  • Assessment of Baseline Performance in New Construction

  • Thermal Scans of Roofing Systems for Green Roof Installation


What do our clients think about the FORSMITH team?

"I am a practicing patent attorney. In a patent infringement case brought in the Federal District Court for Nebraska. I engaged Sheldon Warman on behalf of my client  as a technical expert relating to building construction. Although the case never reached trial nor was Sheldon deposed, I was impressed with his technical acumen. He grasps legal concepts of some complexity quickly making for an efficient and inexpensive witness. He supervised tests conducted by an independent testing lab in the course of preparing a complex declaration in support of my client’s opposition to a motion for summary judgment. I found Sheldon to be cooperative and easy to work with. I would engage his services again in an appropriate case."
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