Roofing & Building Envelope Systems

Forsmith has been engaged in the evaluation, design and testing of roofing and building envelope systems. Serving the institutional, commercial, industrial, and government building sectors, Forsmith offers a full range of specialized services that provide innovative and affordable solutions to your roofing and building envelope performance problems.


A partial list of our services include the following:


Project Management and Contract Administration
Roof, Cladding and Glazing Conditions Surveys
Roof and Wall Leak Investigations
Electronic Leak Detection
Thermographic Energy Loss Investigations
Preventive Maintenance Programs
Building Audits
Building Code Consulting
Quality Assurance Inspection & Testing
Forensic Engineering and Litigation Support
Structural Wind Load Evaluations and Wind Uplift Field Testing
Life Cycle Costing & Life Expectancy Analysis
Shop Drawing Detailing & Specification Preparation (New Construction and Retrofit)
Field Performance Testing to AAMA, ASTM & CSA
Feasibility Studies and Condition Reports

Forensic Engineering & Code Compliance

Forsmith has the professional expertise to tackle any engineering or code compliance issue associated with surveys and investigations into building performance. This is of particular use in the conception implementation of remedial work for deteriorated building envelope and structural systems.


Where long term water penetration of the building envelope has been an issue, it is common to find fungi related issues. Fungi can be classified in three groups; yeasts, mushrooms, and filamentous fungi more commonly known as mould. Most moulds consist of filamentous cells called hyphae, and collectively they form mycelium. Moulds reproduce by means of spores and a well-established mould growth is referred to as colonization.

Radon is quickly becoming a concern of Health Canada. Radon is a known carcinogen for lung cancer and is a naturally occurring radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas with an atomic number 86 produced by the decomposition of uranium. The radon gas seeps upward through the ground and enters the home or other buildings through cracks or holes in the foundation. Forsmith has the capabilities to test your home for radon to ensure it meets the Health Canada limit of 200 Bq/m^3 or less to ensure occupant safety.

Our services in these areas include:


Structural Evaluations, Investigations, and Condition Surveys
Building Code Compliance Assessments
Design and Assessment of Life Safety and Fire Safety Systems
Roof Anchor and Lifting Device Inspections
Structural Design for Remedial Construction
Load Testing and Monitoring
Quality Assurance & Testing
Plans & Specifications (New Construction and Retrofit)
Forensic Engineering and Litigation Support

Fungi, mould, and indoor environmental air assessment and mould spore testing
Mould remediation and mould consulting per ANSI S520 Standards
Radon testing, assessment, and design of remedial measures

Litigation Support & Expert Witness

The Forsmith experts operate under the guidance and direction of Professional Engineers to serve the jurisprudential system. When a building product or building system fails, the result can be large financial loss or personal injury and our experts are called upon to investigate and determine the cause or sequence of events which lead to the failure. Our experts have unique and varied backgrounds which enable them to approach complicated problems from several different viewpoints to ensure thorough and accurate causation to material, product or building system failures. This requires an extensive understanding of construction practices, building systems and application of building codes to investigate, report and provide expert testimony in the resolution of these failures.


A partial list of our services include the following:


Building Code Compliance Assessments
Building Commissioning Reviews
Building Life Safety Assessments
Quality Assurance Field Review
Design of Life Safety and Fire Safety Remedial Measures
Roof Anchor and Lifting Device Inspections
Plans & Specifications (New Construction & Retrofit)
Forensic Engineering & Litigation Support